Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 87

Well, tomorrow is a tradition known around these parts as Men's Division Day.  T and C have birthdays exactly two weeks apart and the week in between they both take a day to celebrate both birthdays by doing anything they want.  C actually coined this phrase and out of the kindness of their hearts, they let mom tag along.   Last year the festivities included Laser Tag, a shooting range (though you have to be at least 10, so I have a feeling this may be the big year), video games, and shopping for fish for the aquarium.  The cool thing about our family is that the men's b-days are two weeks apart and the girl's birthdays are four days apart.  Only two months to remember.  How handy.  And lest you think that we are left out, little C and I celebrate Women's Division Day smack dab in the middle of our b-days as well.   Last year that included Jungle Jim's and a manicure for my three year old.

It's seriously a fun tradition.  So little C is staying at the grandparent's tonight so that the festivities can start bright and early.  I'm really excited.

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