Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 77

I love Thursdays.  It's my favorite day of the week.  Not only do I have Physical Therapy and Pilates, but I have my weekly date at the temple.  And I am truly Norm from Cheers where I go "where everybody knows my name" and "they're always glad I came," but without the beer and bar stools.  I love all the ladies I work with so much. 

I have reached a point in my Pilates' training where I have advanced to a class on Saturday mornings as well as the one on one training and Physical Therapy.  So now I will be spending three hours rehabilitating per week.  T went with me last week and he was shocked at all I could do and how much weight I was moving around.   Six months ago it hurt to breathe, stand, be in space.  The pain encroached upon all my thoughts, every breath and now I don't have to focus on holding my head up on my neck.  I can hand little C her sippy cup behind me in the car even when I'm driving, I can hold her for a while and have it not bother me.   

I am healing.  I am not broken and that means a lot to me.  I tell you, this whole thing is miraculous.   Nine years...nine long years.  What a journey this has been.  Just writing this, I can't stop smiling.


  1. This makes me so happy!
    What I find amazing is that you haven't just given into the pain, you're forcing it away through some serious action.
    The sippy cup to the back seat...that is waaay cool. Yay!

  2. HOORAH!! I am so proud of you! Now that you have gained your "get in free" card to Heaven you'll have to put in a good word for me:) Seriously though, you are the most Job like person I know. Thank you for being an inspiration! The future looks bright...there is no stopping you now...look out world...wild red head on the loose who is quickly becoming unshackled...there ain't nothing to hold her back!