Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 82

While writing tonight I find myself staring into space and I realize that I am thinking about nothing as I do so.  Am I just really tired or could it be that my mind is literally completely blank?  Those with weak stomachs should not continue reading this post as I am liable to say anything at this point as an empty mind reminded me of the following:

So I read today that you can put your placenta in capsules and ingest it back after the baby since that is where all the nutrients go for the baby and therefore all the brain cells you lose after each pregnancy.  Ewww…

My OB asked me if I wanted to see the placenta after C was born and I said, Uh no.  It would stand to reason that therefore no matter the benefits to my short term memory function, that I would not be eating it either.  Gross.

I only bring this up because after only two kids, two really brilliant kids, I haven’t got much left.   I really feel like I have to keep my mind active and stay sharp and focused or things get a little dull up yonder in this nest of hair I may or may not have brushed today.  My grandfather had dementia and I know my father worries about it and since I have the red hair of that branch of the ole’ family tree, I hope that this rusty brain of mine keeps chugging along.

This is what too many nights of too little sleep will do to one’s writing.  I am living proof.  Perhaps I should just call it a night.

And now for something completely different.  We watched Despicable Me tonight and loved it.  J, you were so right.

My son had a wonderful birthday.  He was so happy with the phone calls, gifts, cards, and general well wishes on his big day.  I am so proud of who he is and I still can’t believe I have a ten year old.  C, thank you for stopping by.  I know it meant the world to him.

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