Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 238

There are a closet full of presents for the children.  Each one wrapped and labeled and brought over by angels who which to remain anonymous.  I mean four garbage bags full of presents.  There is also a Christmas tree in my front room that was dropped off on our porch.  A check in the mail, a Thanksgiving feast.  All I know to do is say is Thank You.  I have an idea where some of it may have came from, but the thing about giving anonymously is that it's usually in poor form to rush up to someone and shout, "I know its you!!"  So, I thank God for you.  I bless you in your life and I will try to live my life and serve wherever I can (though not monetarily right now) in some sort of pay it forward.  I guess I am lucky.  I know how to give and I am learning (it's hard sometimes) how to receive.

C won his geography bee at school.  I don't mean his class, I don't mean his grade.  I mean that he is the top student of his entire school.  He beat out 8th graders, 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th.  He was the last man standing and has two gold medals to add to his ever growing collection.  He takes a test now to qualify for the state finals.  Do you remember last year?  He was out in the first round.  His only goal this year was to not be the first one out.  He kept going...and going...and going...and going.  It was a tender mercy for our family.  So stressful, so huddled together, and this?  We are joyful at his exuberance.  I always wondered if he would ultimately be school champion, but I had no idea it would be in his fifth grade year.  

Have I been writing?  Why yes, yes I have.  I received my first paycheck as a copywriter for concepts I helped with for a major company.  I will not name them here on this blog, but I admit I cried with happiness as I received the check.  I LOVE coming up with concepts and to have gotten paid for it is beyond comprehension.  I can do the creative thing.  The portfolio thing and the marketing thing, I am in way over my head.  But I CAN do the creative thing.  I hope and pray to have other opportunities to do this very thing.  Writing lights me up.  Being creative lights me up.  Marrying the two together?  Magic.

Last but not least.  Little C called my friend M who had promised to come to our house to watch her sing and dance the "Angle Song."  M came right over and sat for over 1/2 an hr. watching my daughter sing and dance her heart out.   Little C threw her arms around her neck and told her they need to hang out again.  There have been very few times I have ever seen my daughter that happy.  Isn't the Lord great?  These moments of joy eclipse any heartache.