Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 11

Word count: 3,898

I received a beautiful email from my lovely friend A this morning.  Through her profound and tender words, I was reminded of something that I already knew, instinctively as part of my own soul.  That in this quest of writing everyday of the year that the Sabbath day will be something different, something sacred.  That I will still set aside time for writing, but it will be of a nature in which I am writing of Christ, that I am writing of my testimony.  She reminded me of the opportunities of writing an article for a church magazine or in my journal.  I know that I will have to put forth that much more effort the other six days, but I was reminded of something else too, that I know that Lord will bless me in my efforts.  I remembered that I can pray each day before I sit down to write that He will help my words get from my heart to the page and that He will lead me in this journey.  I also realized that it’s not about the end result, ie, getting published, but about what this exercise will do in making me a writer.

As a thank you for being a part of the road show, the sweet YM/YW gave us a Doctrine and Covenants series of maps, charts, quotes, and movies including the new Joseph Smith movie that is still at the JS memorial building.  I liken what JS said as they were building the Kirtland temple. “We are not just building a temple for the Lord.  The Lord is also building us.”  This experience will build me, regardless of what happens if I let it, if I let Him be a part of it.

Have 89 pages so far of this novel.  Total word count 25,967.  Final goal around 62,000 so over a third of the way there.

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  1. This poem reminds me a bit of your post today.