Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 18

946 words today.  38,649 thus far.

I think the editing process is what's going to be hard for me.  I've got a great scene and then I will write what I think is another great scene and then I realize that there are some redundancies.  The writing is fun, the editing seems like a chore.  But I know both are vital.  Luckily, I have friends who are brilliant editors...hint...hint...

I'm tired.  I've run around today.  On a good note, I've found brown boots.  My world is right.  I am having a hard time holding my neck on top of my head.  That is a sure indication that I am way over tired.  


  1. I think I'm taking that hint. I do love the editing! It's easier for me than writing, even on my own stuff.
    Just got back from holding Angie's baby. Sigh...what a sweetie!
    Oh I have some brown boots for your baby girl that won't fit her this year or maybe next, but they're cute.
    I'm off to write.

  2. As proof I need an editor, I'm pretty sure I meant holding my head on top of my neck...sigh.

  3. head on neck. . . neck on head
    Either way it's a balancing act.