Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 34

57 words.  Do you know why?  I sat up late into the night reading the book Olive Kitteridge.  I can't fault the writing.  It is tight.  It is good.

The literary world has fallen over themselves rewarding it with the highest honor, the Pulitzer.

 I am writing now purely on emotions and it is very late, but these are my thoughts.  This book was Godless, soulless, without beauty or moral and everyone in it was not just flawed, they all killed themselves or wanted to kill others or beat others or cheated on others and the whole time it was written as if that was completely normal and it must be because of the former President who the author obviously detests.

The main character was Jezebel herself and yet we are supposed to hold her up as some model because sometimes she slips and accidentally says something profound after beating her child and treating her husband like dog doo.

Really?  I can't stop thinking about the ONE and only writer's conference I went too.  They didn't want anything pure or lovely.  They only wanted edgy.  They took themselves seriously.  They had nothing to do with God.  I don't want to be a "serious" author if that's how that world is.

After I got my Bachelor's Degree in English, I ultimately wanted to get my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.   I have changed my mind.  Yes, I would be taken more seriously, but it is obvious I would have to compromise who and what I am in order to do it.

I'll pass, thanks.

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  1. Well said! I often wonder how certain books get such awards! Thanks for the heads up. I will avoid the trash.

    It is possible to write ugliness with beauty-The Road, Book Thief, even Memoirs of a Geisha.The one thing these all have is hope in the human race.

    I read The Awakening, which is apparently a 'classic' and I walked away thinking, seriously? She abandons everything and everyone only to kill herself in the end?? Awesome.