Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 35

1,446 words.  I am 44,039 so far and the goal is 50,000 by Tuesday.  If I just write a little over 1,000 words a day by then I will reach my goal.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with parents and siblings.  My parents are starting to downsize.  It is just the two of them rattling around in an immense red barn house nestled in horse property.  My dad no longer owns horses, but still boards them for his friends.  It used to be a huge part of his life, but he fell off one of the horse a few years back and really hurt himself.  I am reminded that my parents are getting older.  I love them very much.  My father is a cowboy poet.  He is where any writing talent I have comes from, though I think my dramatic mother is more the writer than she thinks.  She is an avid journal writer and I think if she let herself she could weave a mighty story.

Anyway, they are splitting items up between the four siblings.  I brought home a small vase that had belonged to my father's mother.  I don't know what I will do with it, other than I remember she kept her pencils in it to do her crossword puzzles.  We would do them together.  I could never let it go to the D.I.  It was as powerful as if she was in the room, when I touched it.  I had to keep it.  I think I will give it to C, to keep his pens in on his own desk when he does his homework.  Funny how simple objects remind us so powerfully of people we have loved so deeply.

I miss her.  

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