Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 26

Only 227 words today on the novel.  262 words on something else I'm working on.  I am supposed to give a small presentation tonight at Enrichment Night and so admittedly most of my thoughts are on that today.    I've been getting to bed too late, so somehow I need to manage my time better.  All I do is dream of naps during the day and it used to be that I napped when my daughter did, but now she's having quiet time and I'm writing just to get it all done.  I used to sleep in on Saturdays a little bit, but now I do my file job for about three hours on Sat. mornings to try and offset some of the Pilates' costs.  I like doing it when it's quiet at the office.  I can get more done and have the place to myself. 

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