Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 21

Only 39 words and down to the wire too.  Today included Physical Therapy, an hour of Pilates with my trainer, a little while filing at work, spending time with my daughter, the temple, writing group, and hanging out with C.  It is only a few minutes until this day is officially over. To be honest, I was lucky to get those 39 words on paper.  Oh, and I could count the words in the poem I wrote for our writer's prompt, but I won't.

I watched the movie Julie/Julia last night and it reminded me again that her cooking every day for a year is what prompted me to write every day for a year.  I first wanted to name this blog A Novel Idea or The Novel Idea, but both those sites were taken.  As I looked them up, both of them have never had anything done with them and I thought what a waste.  I don't want This Novel Idea to have the same fate and I am determined that it won't. 

Good Night.

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