Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 169

I love the game Scrabble.  T likes to play me, but bless his heart, it's not a challenge.  So I've been playing my baby brother on Words With Friends on the iTouch.  The iTouch belongs to T so I only get it at night and weekends and it usually goes that one of us will play a word and then 12 hours later someone else plays another word.  You get the idea.  A game can last for days whenever we have time to make one word.  The game isn't like Scrabble.  You can cheat.  My bro uses word like bis and ree and qi.  He gets like 40 points a pop.  I, on the other hand, make what I think are incredible legitimate words and I lose every time.  So now I'm finding myself trying to go around the system and see what the game will allow and it's driving the Scrabble purist in me, insane.  He's 8 years younger than me, I used to wipe his butt as a baby, and I should be the winner, dang it!

I'm slightly bitter.  He made the word Za and En and got 29 points.  I made the word Zany and got 16.  I should be using my REAL words in a story and skip all this nonsense.  Grrr....


  1. I think you're the real winner, Rachel! Your words are much better; his aren't really even words. Numbers mean nothing; it's all in the letters!

  2. I love scrabble too. I used to wipe Randy out most of the time and that was why it was fun. I can't seem to win anymore and so I've mentally retired the deluxe - on a swivel stand - set that we have. I understand your frustration at deafeat because after all...... WE are the wordsmiths here.

  3. Oh funny.
    This is how Cameron beats me at Scrabble, too. He plays strategy. I play make-these-fool-letters-into-something-crazycool!