Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 157

Why is it the scariest dreams are the ones that aren't really scary?  A few nights ago I dreamed a serial killer was after me and he was picking off everybody and there was blood on the walls, the whole shebang.  It was scary while I was dreaming it, but then I woke up fine because it was so far fetched.   Last night I had a dream that was TRULY chilling.  The city zoned our yard for a new preschool and suddenly there were dozens of screaming toddlers running through my yard and they made their way into my house.  My coat room was being used as a classroom and I was crying to T, "why can't we get our house back?!"  One morning I walked down the stairs and all the kids' parents were sitting throughout my house waiting for a presentation from their preschoolers.  I felt as if my life were spinning out of control.  The next part of my dream had to do with Christmas and I was looking out the window and crowds of people were leaving presents at all my neighbors' doors, but NONE at mine.  I was brokenhearted so I took a drive through Daybreak.  I ended up getting lost in Daybreak and it took what seemed like half the night to find my way back home.  This is the dumbest dream you've ever heard of, right?  And yet, I woke up the next morning really kinda freaked out by the whole thing.  Hmmm...


  1. Dreams make mostly no sense, only about 1 percent!

  2. Kay that is so funny!
    Those outta control dreams are scary!