Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 155

Had a late night last night and I realized as I was falling asleep that I never posted.  The ward activity was a success I thought, but I'm kind of glad its all over.  We played Do You Love Your Neighbor, had a crazy game of volleyball, and then played two way fun games called Boxers or Briefs, and Buzzword.  Seriously, I am going to order Buzzword ASAP.  B has a gift at it and I must say, I really liked it as well.  I was sad that I had to fly solo since T is sick.  Anyway, I was at Pilates and didn't catch very much of the first session of conference, but as I was leaving the studio and driving to work I caught the talk (can't remember who by) on HEALING.  I started tearing up right there in the car.  I loved every minute of it.  It never fails that conference always comes right when I need it and the words are just what I need to hear. 

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