Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 161

Alright, my fine feathered friends, many of you know that I drink a "green drink" every day that looks and tastes like dirt and that I take like a gadillion vitamins, but I've just added a new wrinkle to this strange stew.  I have started taking coconut oil.  WHY?  Well, I asked my trainer if all this working out would decrease my tummy which still looks like a soggy balloon.  She looked at it and said that a lot of it is yeast.  She said her friend takes coconut oil and it eats the yeast and her paunchy tummy began to shrink.  Now is this an old wives' tale?  Well, you know me, I hightailed it to Sunflower Market and picked up my own bottle.  Imagine Crisco with a coconuty aftertaste.  I put a tablespoon full in my strawberry spinach banana flaxseed breakfast smoothie, and some in my millet and rice milk lunch, but what to eat with it for dinner which consisted of hamburger, fries, and clam chowder?  I mean I can't really take it at the Training Table.  Anywhoodle, I tried just taking it plain and almost threw up, so I've improvised and added it to some peanut butter.  Gack.  I'm going to HATE coconut when this crazy experiment it over.  Unless of course it works.  And then I'll buy a coconut bra and do the hula.


  1. Try frying scones in it...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. If it works, I just may have to try it too. Keep me posted!