Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 167

As I drove home in bumper to bumper traffic, coming home south from the city, I could feel the words being written in my heart.  The words that tell my story.  Those lonely words, all the ones I can't share.  The words of pain, the words of healing, the words I can only share with my Savior.  I can talk about what happened today.  I can write about it.  I can say that I was moved, changed, that parts of my body that have been hurt for nine years were relieved today, that I was tripping as I walked because I wasn't used to walking with my back untwisting.  I was ready for my PT to release my mid back.  She has tried before and it was like trying to move solid rock.  Today I knew it was different.  I knew my body was ready to move, to untwist itself.  I know because it has been preparing itself for a while, because healing is a sacred thing and as I take time to listen, I can decipher what my body already knows, what my spirit has always known and when its the proper time and place another layer of healing happens.  Sorry to be so vague, so subtle, but I don't know how to write of the miracle happening within myself.  I tell you, the joy of being put back together could never happen without being broken. 


  1. I'm so glad this is healing you!

  2. Beautiful!
    My heart thrills at the changes you've undergone.