Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 153

Since I've made sure little C has been in bed by 7 as opposed to 8, she has done beautifully.  She is in a phase where she wants me to rock her to sleep and sing lullabies and the honest truth is, I love it.  Somewhere in that act I can appreciate that she is but a baby though she daily reminds me she is in actuality, a teenager.  With C so tuned into friends and activities which he has free reign in once all of his homework, music, and chore obligations are done with, I am cherishing these moments that she is my little shadow.  Sorry to get all verklempt and somewhat emotional here, but the kids growing up is very bittersweet for me and I'm really feeling it right now.

How to capture these moments and then realize in the moment the significance is hard for me.  I remember the feelings, the peace, the sublimity, but there's never quite enough time until later to truly ponder on it all.  Now I'm waxing philosophical.  Yikes.  Perhaps I too need a 7 pm bedtime. 

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  1. That's funny--in the last couple of months, Portia's been asking for lulllabies too. I don't mind it; it just surprises me. Maybe it's a phase they're going through where they're fighting to stay babies but are growing into little girls and they can't stop it.