Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 143

It's been a while since T and I have gone out.  We went to dinner and the adult session of stake conference and a get together afterward.  Our sitter had to go at 9, so I hired a second one so we could hit the party.  I realize that we need a date night every week.  I had forgotten how much we both need that.

  It is expensive with the sitter.  I always pay them generously and my reasoning is I always want the sitters to feel like its a sweet gig at my house.  They get good money and they essentially just have to play with little C.  C was off at friends' until the last hour tonight, so its essentially just watching one child anyway. 

C's first babysitter was a boy.  I came home the first night and this young man was reading his scriptures after he put C to bed.   I was amazed.  This young man is having his mission farewell that we are attending tomorrow.  I cannot believe how many years ago that was. 

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  1. What do you pay? We pay $5 an hour for 3 kids and have 3 different YW that are willing to come on a regular basis. They cook mac n cheese and even clean up. I remember my own b-sitting days of 5-6 kids at $1 an hour. Honestly, a lot of YW love kids, so I don't feel like I'm short changing them. Besides once the kiddos are in bed they have an hour or two of easy money right? I feel like going out regularly is the sanity in my marriage...if you have to pay a little less to go out a little more it's worth it! Besides, we want to double soon:)