Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 147

Last year C had a great school year.  His teacher didn't expect a lot from him and he had an easy going year.  He was really happy.  This year I have LOVED his teacher and she demands great things from him, but he has really struggled.  Do I request the male 5th grade teacher who he has for spelling and loves, but who is way easy going or the female "teacher or the year" who will be really tough, I've heard?  At first, I thought the female teacher so as to keep him organized and in the more challenging class, but then I began thinking that a boy at this age needs all the male role models in his life he can get and would he thrive more with a man teacher even if he's more lax?  I don't know.  I'm meeting with his teacher soon for a parent teacher conference, but I remember fifth grade being a big defining year for me and I want what's best for C.   After all is said and done, deep in my heart I think I know what I will do.  I will let C decide and he will pick the male teacher and it will be a good year for him and if his desk goes back to looking like a radio active waste dump, I will smile as I'm grinding my teeth to nubs, but at least I will always know which desk belongs to him.  Ugh, but the female teacher is one of the best at the school and her class is thriving.  Ya, I'm going to talk to his teacher this year about it.   Thanks for letting me have my stream of consciousness moment here.  As you were...


  1. Teachers, potential, what's best--we have a lot on our plates!

  2. So true, Jeana.

    I am all for Conner having life a little easier. It can always be harder. I also like the male influence idea. Toxic waste dump be damned.