Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 134

A  banner day in parenting.   My mom was supposed to pick up C for his early day, forgot it was his early day and was still a few towns down south when school got out.  I was napping and after 75 minutes of waiting, C called his dad to come pick him up.  Little C fell down the stairs and landed on her nose, blood everywhere.  I think I will write a handbook on how to be an effective parent.  Obviously, I need to be teaching the masses. 

Tomorrow T and I go to a wedding for T's best bud.  I bought a few Plato's Closet dresses I am going to choose from to wear, one of which I splurged and bought a turquoise pair of peep toed heels.  The highest heels I have ever owned, but these shoes are delicious and go perfectly with this one dress I found.   Walking in them may be precarious, but worth the practice. :)


  1. You need to do a "what I wore" post with those dresses and shoes!

    I have many "stellar" parenting days, too. You are not a alone. :)

  2. You're brave--about the heels. I just can't do it, short as I am.