Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 212

I'm up late working on the devotional.  I think I know what I need to say, though now it's just organizing it in my head.  I don't really write things out.  I am thinking if I have an idea in my mind of how it should flow, then He will direct me where I should go with it.  I read Gene Cook's book on Teaching By the Spirit a few years ago and I was amazed at the thought of him studying and pondering and praying upon his talk or lesson and then with no more than his scriptures standing at the pulpit and speaking what he was prompted to say.  It goes along the same lines as the scripture of first seeking to obtain the word, so that you might proclaim it and your mind being filled in that very moment with what you need to say if you are prepared.   I have experimented on these words and I have found out for myself that they are true.  I keep thinking I should be terrified, but I feel peace.  I actually don't feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, but he qualifies me in my great weakness.  It hasn't escaped my notice that all these opportunities have come and that I am busier than I've been in as long as I can remember, but that faith is the only fuel I can run on.  I don't have time to be afraid. 

Many of you know how exhausted I am every day.  I don't sleep at night very well and certainly not deeply.  I have to nap every afternoon two hours at least to get through the day.  I know I have been low in minerals, but haven't been sure what I needed.  I took some today and for the first time in...years honestly, I didn't need to fall into bed this afternoon.  I continued to run the errands I needed to and make all the visits I needed to make and I felt like I had energy to spare.  I know it may seem like a small thing, but wow, it was incredible for me.  I pray these minerals will continue to work and will make an impact on my overall healing.  


  1. That doesn't work for me. I'll stand up there like a deer in the headlights. I have to organize my thoughts! Good luck!

  2. That's great about the minerals. I'm glad to hear of anything that helps you!