Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 203

   So, thank you C for this Versatile Blogger Award. C is the greatest poetess I know and I like to think I have extraordinary taste in poets and friends and she's the IT girl of both.  With this award I have to write seven random facts about my writing.

1-I began writing when I was 7 years old.  I received a journal from my Grandma Arline and she encouraged me to write my feelings which I did faithfully and I wrote my very first poem entitled 'I Love My Baby Brother.'  I tell you it's a classic.

2- I wrote and then starred in all the neighborhood plays.  We charged people, but made no money and I always played the villain.  I wrote a school play in fourth grade and it was fun seeing all my friends have to play the woodland creatures I forced them to play in my Christmasy woodland wonderland.  Heeha...

3- When I was sixteen I moved to Utah and it was a very painful time.  Writing saved my life at this time.  I mean that literally and I really think it's true.  I wrote poem after poem and I think that's why I consider myself a poet at heart.  I would like to think I view the world and interpret it as poetry.

 4-I wish I had the letters I wrote to friends at this time.  I poured my heart out and it would be nice to see it documented now.  I burned all the journals I had of this time and I wish I hadn't. 

5-In college I was a writing tutor.  It was by invitation only and you had to submit a portfolio.  I didn't have a portfolio so I just hurried and wrote some stuff a few hours before the deadline and handed it in.  I was called the next day and they hired me.   The advisor was my writing mentor and I kept in touch with him up until a few years ago.

6-Writing the ward road show was awesome.  Winning first place was probably the happiest day of my life.   

7-I write better with music and each of my characters have specific music they have to listen to.   I hear their voices in my head when I write, but I try not to think too far ahead and still prefer to write one line at a time so I'm not bored.  I like not knowing what to expect.

So, I send out this award to my friend A who inspires me with her tenacity and passion.   When I lose desire to write, she picks me up by the bootstraps and keeps me on the straight and narrow.   She is an amazing writer.  You go, girl.

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  1. Aah, thanks. I think you have to share this classic poem :).