Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 206

I now have one item in my portfolio.   I met with the creative director of a local company today and he was impressed by one of my lines and thinks he may be able to use it as well as one other concept I came up with for a future campaign.  He gave me a couple of books to read and wondered if maybe when I go back to school I should go for marketing as opposed to English.  It was fun to have the experience and I find myself looking at ads now and wondering why they work or don't work. 

Here's a story.  I search all day yesterday for accomodations for 50+ guests for the wedding and all the home rentals in Logan are too small and the ones big enough are 45 minutes outside the city.   The hotels don't have the 13 rooms because Aug. 4th is just around the corner and it's rather last minute.  So I find good ole' Super 8 the king of quality (ha) and they not only have the rooms, but they bend over backwards to give me a KILLER deal!!!  I text the bride and she thinks it sounds great.  Her dad, my mentor, the man who invented the PT that is healing me, understandably was not impressed.  He is world renown for the work that he does and informed her that he will ONLY do a Hilton hotel.  A good lesson for me, the queen of the good deal.  In this case, a good deal isn't what the client's father, who is paying these bills, wants. 

I bet I could throw a great wedding on a dime. 

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