Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 199

Trying to rock a pair of heels and getting out of a van equals a twisted ankle for me.  Very frustrating because all I want to do is spend the cool summer evenings walking, running, biking.
We got pulled over tonight in T's second wife because of no mirror and busted tail light.  Of course, he hadn't been able to find his wallet and as we were visiting my grandpa at the rehab center we just had C pray we wouldn't get pulled over.  Responsible, right?  Add a little dose of trying to get brownie points for some service and you get the idea.  Well, the prayer must have worked because the cop laughed at all the things we had going wrong...thank goodness, we were all belted up and T put his shifty eyes away because there was a rap sheet of what not to do going.  C's prayer worked and we were only given a warning with the cop telling T that he knew (Layla) is only a summer ride.  Right...

And I really did have this whole plan about a post today with some spiritual insight.  It's still in my brain.  We've had an awesome weekend.  Great garage sale, some moulah in the pockets, and our basement is almost entirely devoid of stuff.   I tell you, it's practically squeaky clean down there and maybe we'll remember we own a third floor now.

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  1. I thought you were limping as you walked across the street. I hope it isn't bothering you today. Thanks for making the visits successful.