Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 205

Yesterday I was asked to be the wedding coordinator for a friend's wedding.  She will pay me well and I am doing everything from finding accommodations for her 50+ out of town guests, to coordinating with her caterers, baker, decorators, etc.  I have spent a few hours today researching the best price on chairs and trying to get the head of a bbq place on the phone who can make decisions regarding on site catering.  I need cake pans, pie tins, glass bottles, candy dishes, and hoping the luncheon venue is walking distance from the temple. 

This is on top of my other two jobs and I have a copy writing meeting on Friday for a possible gig if I can keep the creative juices flowing.  This sounds like someone else's life.  It's certainly not mine, is it?  I am rewriting the song 'Sisters' from White Christmas so our presidency can perform it next month and I still have to plan my devotional I give to the YW at camp at the end of the month.  I have started multi tasking.  I make and return phone calls in the car.  My friend cut and styled my hair (which is now much shorter) as we went over wedding plans last night. 

If I stop and think too hard about it I may want to run away, so instead I will just go forward.  I have to set aside a few hours a day that are assigned to specific things.  I am very aware of the blessings and opportunities I have received.  Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone.   I can't be hesitant or afraid.   What do I know about coordinating a wedding?  All I know is I want it to be perfect for my friend and so I will do everything I can.   I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.  :) 


  1. That's a lot on your plate, bravo for being so strong!

  2. That's the only way, isn't it?
    Don't question. Push forward. Don't look over your shoulder. Get 'er dun.

  3. Well, at least staying busy doesn't let your brain run. I know that worst for me is sitting around worrying. Stay nice and busy--you'll be great!