Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 69

The blizzard rages white outside and inside T is painting the kitchen cabinets white.  My kitchen is shredded, trashed, but you should see how good the cabinets look.  He is painting them cream actually and then will glaze them with a deep brown.  It will change the whole look of the kitchen which is good because right now the walls and cabinets are practically the same color.  T is home all week and its been so nice, the kids have loved it even if he has been really busy.

As he is my captive audience, I read him about five chapters of my story.  He gave me advice.  He challenges me, asks me questions I never considered, and he likes my writing.  I love reading him my stuff.  My daughter hung out with her best friend today.  Her best friend is 13, though little C thinks they are the same age.  She got her hair curled with a curling iron (something I would never have attempted), and had her finger nails and toe nails painted. 

I've edited about 17 chapters.


  1. I'm excited to see your "new" cabinets!

  2. and your "new" chapters.

    Lately, I've determined to write a novel that is unrestrained, even if nobody but our writer's-group-in-limbo are the only ones whoever see it. It's would be nice to write without agonizing over every plot turn and character choice.