Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 62

Today I tried to deliver neighbor gifts with the kids, but it started pouring rain.  We decided to postpone that and came home to make paper snowflakes.  I tried to recreate a scene out of Porter Rockwell's paintings, but the truth is I became impatient at the mess and frustration of scissors, paper, glitter glue, etc.  I sent everyone to take a rest and took one myself as I reread part of one of the Anne of Green Gable books.  After that I was able to start over and C literally made dinner with me, browning meat, sauteeing onions and adding ingredients.  I was so proud of him.   Little C helped me make biscuits and by the time T got home, there was a candlelight dinner on the table with my Grandma's best china and we had a real "tea" party as we ate the most delicious, heavy on the kid participation, meal.  Holiday spirit, rescued.


  1. Beautiful!

    BTW, cutting snowflakes from paper coffee filters is a dream come true...thin enough for high detail work AND they're already to fold w/o additional cutting and squaring off paper.