Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 59

Our stake presidency challenged us to read the four gospels in a row by the end of the year and I realized I had never read them all together before.  It has been awesome and the testimonies shared in RS about the Savior were amazing today.  I get to go to RS and Gospel Doctrine for these next two weeks and it has been nice.

My writing on this Sunday consisted of Christmas cards.  I am trying to do better this year, so we have printed off a Christmas letter and I am writing out some cards by hand.  My poor kitchen table has become Christmas central and I know its driving T crazy.  Poor C is under the weather, poor guy, but I think the last four nights going to bed way too late isn't helping him any.

Thanks to J and B for a delightful time.  Dinner: scrumptious. 

K, I am waiting on pins and needles for your big news.  

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