Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 261

I really need to exercise and in order to do that I would generally turn on Project Runway to watch as I move.  However, due to the amazing way in which I now feel, I am loathe to turn anything on, but Pandora tuned to the MoTab station.

The talk I gave today wrote itself yesterday morning.  Well, I should really say that the Lord put the words in my mind and my pen flew across the page almost faster than I could control it.  I wrote out every word.  I don't ever do that.  An outline is sufficient and then He will provide the rest.  In this case, He provided every word, every transition, and let me tell you, I felt like Handel writing the Messiah.  I don't mean to be uber dramatic here, but I will never forget what He did for me today.  I felt peace.  I was so calm.  L and I were both speakers and our talks were perfect companion pieces.  I taught the doctrine and she taught us how to implement it.  We never talked about it once.  In fact, up until right before the meeting, she had no idea that I was the other speaker.  We both just followed the promptings we received and everyone was astonished at how we on the "same page" without any redundancy or prior orchestration.

We both taught some doctrine that perhaps some may have felt was hard to hear.  I felt such love for the brothers and sisters out in the congregation that it didn't seem that way to me.  I felt the love the Lord feels for each of them so very strongly that while the message would generally have felt like a chastisement, it instead just felt so tender to my heart.

When the spirit is that strong, I see what the scriptures mean about seeing with our spiritual eyes.  We all felt it.  L and I were just pinching each other, we couldn't believe it.  I had to share this so I myself never forget it.  Don't be afraid of speaking, of teaching, of serving in ANY capacity because if you are willing and exercise your faith, the Lord will NEVER forsake you and he will qualify you in all labor He asks you to perform in His name.

Of this I testify...

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