Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 250

I wish the words inside my heart were alive and could do the work my body is too "human" to do.
It's official.  I can't write what's inside me.

I take walks.  Miracles happen.  They happened today and I can't do it justice at this keyboard.  Suffice it to say, this is what life's about.  If we are willing, God will use us. 

I'm so grateful for this gospel.  On anxious days, I feel trapped in this little "bubble" and long to travel to far off places, but on days like these, I realize that my little neighborhood is an entire world and if I spent my entire life giving all I am to this family and to those around me, it's a full time mission.  I can walk around my ward boundaries and the work to be done could last a lifetime. 

I know its about balance and pacing myself, but wow.  


  1. Wow, sounds like something amazing happened.

  2. You spoke right when you said "If we are willing, God will use us." I've been opening my heart to his will more and more and I am delighted with how useful I can be, especially with my three little ones.