Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 260

Summer is winding down.  Fast are the days of sitting out in the warm evenings talking to friends as the children run around barefoot.  I caught a last few hours of the chilly night talking to S as our children attempted to run barefoot, freezing but not being willing to go in yet to face dinner.

I was offered another job.  It will be good to know that when I'm ready and my family is ready for me to be gone a few hours a day, I just may be employable.  Of course, I said no.  Things are way too crazy for that right now.  One month down of school????

I'm speaking in Sacrament meeting on Sunday.  When the member of the bishopric asked me he was so concerned.  I got concerned too.  "What's wrong?  Who needs my help?"  He looked at me strangely.  "Oh, I was just going to ask you to speak Sunday."  Oh, is that all.  I was so worried something bad happened to someone in the ward, that I was relieved.  Sure thing.  I keep forgetting though.  I hope I remember long enough to ponder it this week.  The best times seem to be as I'm yet again sitting in my car for carpool. 

I've decided I'm done picking my kids up in Draper this year.  My friend I lives 5 or 6 min from the school and next year when little C is out of Kindergarten, I will drop her kids off in the morning and have her pick mine up from the school and then just pick mine up from her house.  That is how much I hate it.  I feel like it's the carpool gestapo there and I'm in third grade again getting in trouble if my kids aren't out fast enough and of course if I feel like I'm getting in trouble, my rebellious streak comes out and then I get fiery and have to come home and lie down with a book and a bag of chips...ya, its been that sort of a day.

I had to grade grammar papers in C's class today.  I didn't know the right answers.  If I had to do the work he has to do, I would cry every day that I didn't want to go to school.  They diagram sentences like maniacs.  I mean they have it down to a science and do it scarily fast.  I gave up pretty quickly.  I'm much more comfortable making Native American headbands for little C's class anyway.

When I came down here to write, I felt like I had all these profound things to spout and now I find I can't get anything to come out.  I wanted to write how these were the days I feel like Nephi was talking about when he talked about "living after the manner of happiness" because I know no matter how busy and bustling things are, I'm going to look at this time in the life of my family with joy.  I can sense the importance of this year.  Every day I see that what I am doing, dropping oil into my own lamp, making sure I teach my kids so they know where to get and add to their own lamps is vital. 


  1. I love that scripture.

    You are so awesome. I saw some fancy Wonder Woman costume on the web the other day. Halloween is coming, ya know. However, if you dressed up on Halloween would that give away your super identity?
    Would people begin to see how amazing you are?

  2. BTW, I look below and see I have a lot to catch up on. Warn me next time you're going to write up a storm. :)