Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 255

When you don't breathe enough, you yawn.  The body is attempting to get air and when you yawn as your on your back hoisting up your own body weight on a Pilates reformer, your eyes leak out the sides and it makes for a charming picture.  I haven't breathed since approximately 2:10 pm this afternoon when I stuck my foot, ankle, and entire calf into my mouth.

My friend M's son is dating my son's teacher.  I was excited about this.  M and I talked about it Sunday.  Cute, cute, cute and all that yakkity yak.  I was the last to know, but I'm all about finding common ground and making a connection.  I stride purposely and confidently into the classroom and say how great it is that they're dating and how much I love the family, etc, etc, shut up already and she looks at me and says, "so and so just broke up with me..."  She then proceeds to burst into tears and there's the entire class lined up and ready to go to recess.  My heart drops to my knees.  I awkwardly put my arms around her as the class asks her over and over what's wrong.  Great I'm the mom who makes the teacher cry!!  She puts on a pair of dark glasses and instructs the class to go out to the playground. 

This is how I roll.  I wish I could say I take a less is more approach.  Maybe perhaps I could have walked in quietly and waited for her to mention something about her love life (as if) before I proceed to walk her down the aisle with the boy I once taught Sunday school too.  That's right.  I taught this guy years ago when he and his friends made my job one where I was on my knees in my closet praying for relief.  They were testing me, trying me, and I hung in there with them, didn't back down and they ended up being my favorite's EVER.  Still my favorite calling ever because it was such a challenge and because it yielded so much fruit.  Teenagers respecting you=cool.  Teenage boys respecting you=priceless.

Anyway, he let a good one go here.  She's a doll inside and out.  But if its not right, its not right.  Let me just be the one to bring it up in the work place.  And because her mom works there too and I know she knew what had happened I felt the need to apologize to her too.  And now I have a dull ache between my eyes and there's a metal bar between my shoulder blades.


  1. Let it go.
    You know (well, you don't or you wouldn't still be worrying) that they have.