Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 232

Howdy.  I'm here.  Working hard.  I did a chart audit today and that was pretty cool.  I was essentially by myself at the front desk for six hours.  It wasn't the prettiest picture, but the job got done and I felt nice and proud of myself.  I spent time going through the channels until I got to the recorder's office at the temple.  They needed my interview in person as to why I feel there should be handicapped options for a temple entrance.  Cool.

It will be at least a year until that happens.  C'est la vie.  At least I tried and took one for the "I'm gimpy, but don't look it" crowd.  It is always so embarrassing to knock and wave at cute little senior citizens who don't look like they can open heavy doors either and then try to explain why I, by all accounts healthy looking fire woman, need them to strain their backs for me.

T's in the running for three jobs.  I told him when this is over he is taking me away...indefinitely.  Ok, so maybe for like more than one day, if we're lucky, I think.

In other news, C has the opportunity to start violin for free from an amazing teacher.  He has never taught before, but plays beautifully and has a violin for C to use.  C wasn't sure the violin would be his thing, but for free lessons I asked him to try it out.  He won't start for three weeks because he has scouts twice a week and soccer twice a week and I think that's too much.  His piano teacher is traveling for a little while so this seemed like an opportune time once soccer season is over. 

I was going to try and do one of those cleanses everyone talks about, but then I realize I like pasta way too much.  If liking pasta means I need to keep this belly, it may be here to stay.  N, my trainer is trying to prepare me so that I will be ready to certify to teach mat classes by next fall.  She says I need to be in shape.  I train three times a week and I'm not in shape.  I'm trying to bike with T and want to start running with L, and ya'll know my anti sweet and cheese thing.  I can't give up pasta and bread though and go to a 80/20 veggie thing, can I? 

T says no way and my body says....CARBS and so here I am.  I need to be in shape in a year so that people won't look at me and say why should I take class from you, Frumpy McFrumperston?

I've missed it here.

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