Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 225

So I've had this thing that probably everybody is experiencing.  I've been dizzy for days, but am functioning and walking around.  Is it walking flu?  It comes with a hefty sized headache, but mostly the slightest thing makes me dizzy.  Oh, like reading, writing, driving, walking, breathing.  The other day I almost fainted as I stood in someone's living room and coming home from the canyon with some girlfriend's, I thought I was going to have to stick my head out the window.  And yet, everybody around me is fine.  Weird.  T thinks my body is just rebelling from running around too fast.  He gave me a blessing last night since Thursday's are my 12 hr. days and I was able to function, but tonight as I sit and write, the room is spinning.  Who knows? 

Congrats, J.  You're a star. 
Happy Birthday tomorrow, K.   I'll call you.

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  1. That sounds kind of serious. You should lay down.