Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 227

I watched videos today of little C as a baby.  I didn't even recognize her.  After a trying evening attempting to get her down to bed, those baby days are foreign to me.  T and I looked at each other and wondered where that baby had gone.  Now there is a willful mini teenager, otherwise known as toddler, up there screaming for her father.

You aren't going to believe this, but as I am writing this, T just came down the stairs after having gone in her room.  He told me that when he got up there, little C was sitting up in her bed and said, "Daddy, I just called you up to so I could tell you I'm sorry."  Then she laid down in her bed.

I will eat crow right now.  She is an articulate, intelligent, dramatic, and sensitive soul.  Wow, how humbling to me.

I didn't write today, but had literary leanings with J as we discussed motivations for our characters.  I love laughing with you J, and I love that we did this...again.  Thanks for being the GENEROUS friend that you are!!

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