Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 222

When I was growing up, my mom used to call our monthly friend, "George."  That was until a new family moved in next door and the man's name was actually George.  And she would curse "George" up and down so that had to stop.  I think it then became "Pete," but I digress.   "George" is currently with me and I have been weeping or weepy all day.  Thanks C for listening to me snivel and bemoan my hormonally skewered fate. 

T didn't get the job we thought he was getting.  He is now at a temp job and will be there until five am tomorrow morning.  I hate that.  I just do.  I'm not going to put a bow on it and wrap it up for granny.  I just hate not having him here with me overnight.  We've done this before.  Now we are doing it again.  I know, I know, that's life.  I miss him.  I miss knowing him when we aren't tense and stressed in the quagmire of little details and sometimes big ones too.  I want a sunset beach.  I want a breath with him.  We went to the temple last week and were chosen as the witness couple.  I thought that was pretty apropos because while we always go separately, we seldom go together.   It was like a little gift, a little hurrah that we were together at the right place and that it mattered.

It's so hard.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to complain.  I can't explain how we are surviving financially, but I tell you after all this time, things are just working out.  I guess my period and unemployment just aren't on speaking terms right now, because the two of them are a cocktail for emotion spillage for me.  How do you like that image?  I went to see The Help with my sister.  She is actually my brother's wife, but she is my sister.  I adore her.  Run, don't walk and see this movie.  I went through a packet of Kleenex.  Oh my gosh.  Allison Janney?  She kills me.  I was so impressed with everything really.   I would finally breathe and then someone else's performance had me again.  This was a risk for Bryce Dallas.  I love her and I don't.  She was Hilly, bless her little heart.  And Mo Mabley?  Squish your precious little girls.  Ok, maybe don't go see it when "George" comes to visit you. 


  1. I so know how you are feeling, I too miss the time when our life wasn't so filled with stress and worry. I just want it all be over but I know we are in the Lords hands and he too is carrying us through this trail. My thoughts are prayers are with you (as I know yours are with us). Love you, and hopefully things will calm down for both of us soon and we can get together and celebrate our triumph over adversity.

  2. I need to talk to you--call me!