Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 214

I had a pretty cool experience on Saturday.  I met N's father, the creator of Polestar Pilates.  He and his family came early for the wedding and he took the mat class with us.  I was able to tell him about our Miami experience and how I almost moved across the country to train with him and found his daughter in my own backyard instead.  I told him I am his unofficial cheerleader, singing his praises to anyone who will listen.  Seriously, what are the odds?  Those who remember my devastation over this, who would have thought I would be working for him now, helping his daughter, perhaps paying him back in some small way for what his hard work has done for my healing.  I was laughing as he gave me his cell phone so we could coordinate final wedding details.  I know it seems like a small deal, but all roads have led to this with my recovery and I can't believe I am here now.  It blows my mind.   What do you think?  Tender mercy?


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  1. Do weird things happen to you like this all the time?
    I think tender mercies fall on you like rain. I am so grateful all the time that you are so watched over.