Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 263

I always thought I meandered my way through Girl World pretty well.  I don't even mean my daughter's little friend world, I mean my own.  Face it, we're all still girls at heart, thus my coinage of the phrase still applies.

After much thought on the matter, I realize I gave myself too much credit.  I really don't do all that well.  Texting kills me.  I love it and I hate it.  I hate it when you have no idea what the other person means and if you're me then you have to call and figure it out rather than waste time trying to decipher the code.  Then there's the whole thing of when do you end it?  I like to end on a high note so if what i'm saying seems superfluous of blase I just cut it off at the knees.  Of course, I like to do that in real life too.  That's why small talk at some social function is akin to dental work for me.  If I don't have something fantastical to contribute, I'm a clam.  I always go to the one I feel is sitting alone because it's painful to watch and hey, I've been there.  Then I worry that others think I'm ignoring them because I'm just focused on the one and I also feel the need to greet and say farewell to everyone's comings and goings which I worry makes the one I'm talking to feel like I'm only half listening which I would be listening well if it was only the two of us to begin with, which it should be and I shouldn't have even come to the shindig.  I just want everyone to feel needed and appreciated, but one at a time is so much more doable.  I think I used to have more skill at all this, but age really takes it out of you or else gives you the wisdom to realize how ridiculous this entire soliloquy you are writing actually is!!!!!!!  Hey Firewoman, this stuff is blase, cut it out.

In other fantastical news, I found a new Endo to see.  K, you really came through for me, THANK YOU.  Another daughter's friend recommended the same one today, so I picked up the phone.  She doesn't have any openings until December 9th.  Now some of you may remember that when I first called my PT she didn't have any openings either, but that very day someone had cancelled and I was able to see her three weeks in a row which would cement her and my relationship and get me on her list indefinitely.  Today when I called, the receptionist said, "I don't ever do this because her wait list is so extensive, but I just feel like I'm supposed to..."  Someone had just called and canceled and she got me in THIS monday!!  Are you freakin' kidding me?  She is so hard to get into!  Endo's in general are relatively hard to get into.  I tell you what, I am being looked out for. 

I told T tonight that his little family is being watched out for.  We fall, but we are being cushioned big time.  My tire blows up with 4 little ones inside the car and instead of being at the school or Bangeter Highway, it's two blocks from the carpool's house.  And my parents happen to come home from their vacation early and my brother happens to be there too and get the donut on the car.  And C,bless her heart, is driving my boy here and there and everywhere (thankyou) and though the car sounds like all the other tires are about to go as well, I find that I don't have anywhere I have to be these couple of days until T gets back.  What the?   I tell you I live just a little life, but He is so mindful of this little life that would probably be a breeze for anyone else, but for me well I don't make it look all that easy, but boy howdy, HE does!!!


  1. I'm terrible with texting! I'll start texting and then I get distracted by something and forget I was in a texting conversation. I may have even done this to you before--Sorry all around!

  2. XO.
    I just feel as long as you acknowledge the blessings, all these little tenderly given things, they will not be held back in the future.