Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 7

Okay, today I couldn't make myself write.  I even had the thought, what was I thinking???  I am making a homemade Revolutionary war soldier costume, a pink bird costume, and my husband's group at work is dressing up as members of KISS.  Oh yes, they are.  There is something inherently wrong about painting your hubby's fingernails black and styling his wig.  He looks pretty rad.  I think pictures are a must.

Word count: measly 210.  I admit my heart wasn't in it today.  


  1. Oh to see Tony as KISS! Beautiful!

  2. I think on "measly" word count days, you are allowed to count letters typed instead of words. I'm pretty sure that's in the rule book. :-)

    A discouraged author is not an inspired author. Don't be hard on yourself. The change inside of you and your re-focused, balanced attention in this arena is what matters most. The fact that you were thinking about your stories, that you sat down to write, that you allowed yourself time to work on it today are all what 'count' more than your words.

    By the way, I have a hot pink "bob" style wig if you'd like it for your bird costume. I'll email you pics.
    Much love!

  3. I didn't even open my document today, there's so much going on. I commend you on your 210.