Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 1

I am a writer.  I have nothing to show for this claim.  No published works, not even the best command of the English language.  My grammar is abysmal.

Today I made a decision.  I am no longer going to not write.  I have friends going to New York and I long to go too, but I can't afford to go.  I have things I want to accomplish.  The only reason I have not had success is that I haven't put forth the time and effort.  There are stories inside me.  I  have a lifetime of experience, good and bad to draw from and nobody will tell it exactly like I will.

I realize the concept of doing something for a year is not new.  I've seen Julie/Julia and different blogs that have different subjects for a year.  I only do this to hold my own feet to the fire.  I have accomplished a lot in my life.  Made a lot of changes to better myself.  I can not sit by and let my talents go by the wayside.  I also realize that no one will probably read this except me, but starting today, October 22nd, 2010 I will begin my writing life.

I have signed up for National Novel Writing Month in November. and I intend to submit my word count every day.   I will either be adapting my short story into a novel or finishing the novel I've started.



  1. Awesome! I've been thinking of signing up for that too but I worry my brain is too close to mush but I really need to do something...You inspire me!!!

    Go FireWoman!

  2. You go girl! I was just musing the other day about how I am surrounded by the most amazing women and you are no exception my friend. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  3. I love your writing, can't wait to see more of it soon! You're welcome to send Cici over any afternoon so you have can have some quiet time to work on your writing (or take a nap).

  4. Awesome!
    I hope you'll include snippets. I LOVE your words.
    -Cami and her alt-ego

  5. I'm SO excited!!!! I love your writing!!!!
    You're seriously my hero in so many ways!!
    Love you!!