Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 270

Perhaps this is turning into some sort of a gratitude journal.  Certainly my writing is documented in some sort of a minor role.  I met some friends in little C's ballet class.  You know the waiting room we all sit in and make small talk, my least favorite thing.  And dance moms?  Forget about it.  Last year I would move mountains to sit in my car or run errands, anything to avoid at all costs.

This year, I parked my butt in the soft chairs and I adapted.  And you know what?  I began to look forward to dance.  And I was going beyond small talk and becoming friends with these other moms.  I have missed these dance friends these past few weeks as I haven't been taking little C to dance.  I'm a little jealous my mom is with them instead.  Yesterday, they gave my mom a giant present to give to me.  The card was clever.  It said, "Stay warm.  Stay rested.  Stay clean.  Stay cute."  They bought me a jacket, two memory foam pillows (admittedly nicer than the ikea cheapos I use) soap, and a bag of cuties.  Seriously, a jacket!  I don't even wear jackets, but I will wear this one.  They bought me a jacket...  And those pillows.  Here I am making felt ornaments to pass out for Christmas!!!!  I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Dance friends.  Who knew?  I'm glad they love me and vice versa cuz if little C has her way she's going to dance all through high school with these "sisters" as she calls her little friends in her class.

And I can sit in the waiting room with some pretty cool moms.

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