Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 240

 I've had a fever the past few days and I've felt calmer than I have...ever.  I like it. 
Little C has a loose tooth.  What the?  She's 4.
Today I got offered my job on Thursdays back.  Turns out they miss me...
T and I have been holding our breath.  Hopefully I will have news to share about that soon.
Yesterday I had 8 kids running around my house.  Due to aforementioned fever, I felt calm about it.
They all like C's new ping pong table.  Party house for the winter months?
Today I pried out a paper jam in my boss's shredder w/ a serving fork. That will look great on a resume.
How do I spell resume(e)?

T's favorite group right now is Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  One song is about having a boyfriend who treats her poorly.  Little C finished brushing her teeth tonight and told me, "Mom, if my boyfriend ever does that to me, I'm gonna walk away and find a new boyfriend."  

I absolutely believe her.  I may be the Fire Woman, but that girl blows me out of the water. 

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  1. A loose tooth? Okay, that seems way too early. I'm sorry you're sick. I was wondering what's up with you as I hadn't seen a blog in a while.