Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 235

I have to document this Halloween so I always remember how unique it was and probably how it kicked off new territory for me.  For the second year in a row, C was out the door early with a group of buddies he trick or treats with.  One of the kids dad is a rock star, no not literally, but he is in my book because he takes the boys all over the place.  I had to put some snacks in a baggie for C to take with him because dinner wasn't even ready.  It was snap take a picture and out the door.  Little C was asked to go trick or treating by her best friend who happens to have just turned 11.  The plan was for our friends to come enjoy dinner this year ( a favorite-chili in a pumpkin) and then head out the door with little C and her friend.  Lo and behold, the little girl comes with her mom and her mom wants to go with them.  T and I kick back and enjoy dinner with some great company and kids happily off trick or treating.  For a while, my parents came over and handed out candy so that took care of that job.  Our friends don't have children so we enjoyed a leisurely evening.  Either we are the laziest parents ever or we have discovered a new fabulous way to celebrate this holiday.


  1. Sounds like fun--what were the kids' costumes?

  2. C was a hunter and little C a ballerina. I should post the pics somewhere...