Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 180

I tried to post late last night, but blogger was down for some reason.  I wrote today as I recorded all the details I could observe about the five cars of undercover police officers packing heat on my tiny circle.  I won't go into too many details,  but let's just say as a mom of two young kids I had my eye on the proceedings pretty carefully.  I may even utilize it for a future story.   I am so nosy and was going to take a walk, but when I saw all the action literally happening outside my front door, I parked myself right down and started writing. 

I have voiced my concerns about C recently and have found some valuable resources through some parents who are dealing with the same issues.  We are going to get him tested and we have tentatively set up a meeting with some other families in a few weeks.  There are a lot more options out there than I realized and I had a very enlightening conversation with a woman today who was able to provide me with a lot of answers.   I realize that I am being very cryptic in the information I provide, but let's just say that my son has really struggled these past few months and T and I realize that we need to be more proactive.  I hesitate to mention it because I think sometimes it seems like I am talking about my really smart son who I am testing for giftedness and it would probably seem like that would just be a good thing, but it is a lonely road for him and the frustration is starting to leak into all aspects of his life. 

I know the Lord is mindful of him though and I feel like he is answering our prayers and providing some answers. 

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  1. Randy was in the gifted program in Colorado. Sometimes he felt isolated, sometimes he felt like a geek, sometimes he felt pleased at his accomplishments. It was important that he be true to who he really was and is. He also felt different because he was the only Mormon in his group of friends. At least C doesn't have to deal with that. It's too bad they couldn't talk.