Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 122

Is anyone still trying to catch up on the fact that February is almost over?  I am planning out March still trying to figure out how the weeks are stampeding off without me.  I am in charge of our next ward activity.  OH.YA.  It is a game night and now that there are no longer activity committees the different auxiliaries are in charge and this one got delegated to me because it is game night and I think everyone knows by now I live for that.  It's March 11th and that seems like its practically here so I need to call my committee and start planning.  I was also asked to give a little presentation for the RS b-day party the next week and there are two baby showers a few of us are helping with in like two weeks so though I'm technically between callings, I'm keeping myself busy.

Today in primary sharing time the kids were asked how we can have the spirit in our home.  Little C raised her hand and said, "Don't make mommy upset." 

1 comment:

  1. They're definitely keeping you busy! Wow!

    That little girl is precious and as you always suspected: wise beyond her years.