Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 120

T starts Tuesday.   He will be the corporate recruiter for a small company nearby.  They only have 35 employees and need to grow.  They don't have an HR person either so they want him to be able to get them going on that ultimately as well.  It is actually an excellent opportunity to jump in on the ground floor.

Yesterday was a big deal for me.  I had a great talk with K, the kind where you lose track of time and wish you had all day to spend.  She has mentored me through so much lately.  S and P were a riot over lunch and J ended the day nicely.  She just got a part in 'Oklahoma' in a local theater production and I'm trying to vicariously live through her I think.  I'm grateful to my mom for taking little C on Thursdays and giving me a day to recharge my batteries. 

The most important thing I want to document about yesterday however is my time with A at physical therapy.  I may have shared that the people I work with there are not LDS.  In fact, A's family is "Born Again" and the exposure she has to their experience has soured her to the whole organized religion thing.  I only mention this because I think in my cloistered little world I forget how sheltered I am.  Growing up, most all of my friends were of different faiths and it was actually uncommon for me to meet a fellow member of the church.  For the last almost twenty years, I think part of me has forgotten and how comfortable I was with that.  A is quite spiritual and the two of us often spend our hour talking of God and healing and our experiences.  She is my friend and I am delighted to report that I think I am hers.

I get close to my caregivers.  It has happened to me time and time again.    My other PT actually started crying last week when I "graduated" to her more advanced class.  She was stunned at how far I had come.  Anyway, at the end of my visit as I was leaving, I said, "Hey A, you always give me a lot to think about."  She just looked at me for a minute and said, "You do too."    I'm so grateful I have this opportunity to be a part of this rehabilitation center.  A started it and has surrounded herself with people who are making a difference in this world.  I sat and talked with a 16 year old who almost severed his spinal cord who A is treating.  He is one of many that she is treating and giving them their lives back.  Obviously, the experience is healing more than just my body.   I also get to remember that we are all children of God and we all really aren't all that different.  I realize that it is me that has the most to learn.

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  1. I'm so glad T found a job so quickly. That's great!