Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 105

We just finished watching the movie Rudy with C.  We wanted to teach him to never give up on his dreams and about having an unconquerable spirit.  He really liked it.  At the end, he said it was a sad movie.  Why?  I asked.  Because Rudy only got to play 7 seconds.  Yes, I said, but he got to play 7 seconds.  Trillions of people don't get to play 1 second.  It also made me realize how much I value the mentors in my childrens' lives.  The ones who tell them they can do anything they dream of doing if they work hard and never give up.

I expect a lot from my kids.  I expect them to do their best.  I expect them to work hard.  I want them to know they can achieve, they can shine, they can be the people they were sent on this earth to be.  This may come as a complete SHOCK, but I have a strong personality.  I can be bullheaded and impatient, but it came to me the other day at lunch that I am supposed to be the mother for these two kiddos of mine.  I'm imperfect as a mother and in nothing else in my life do I want to do it just right than in mothering.  I mess up all the time, but I fiercely love my kids.  I know we are supposed to be together.  They teach me.  I teach them.  The attributes I carry and the things that matter to me, I am passing on to them.

The Lord knows what He's doing.  I hope that makes us all feel better about ourselves as mothers.  Our strengths and core values will be passed down.  The Lord knows what these little spirits need when He sends them to us, even though we aren't perfect and that provides me with a great deal of peace.  Like Rudy, I'm getting my 7 seconds...right now as a mother. 

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  1. I hope you're right about that--because I expect A LOT from my kids too. I love how you're grooming C for football! =)